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Your Gut Needs You To Eat Organic Clean Food!

Many people think that 'going organic' is just another way to overspend on an already expensive food bill and that food wouldn't be aloud on the shelves anyhow, if it wasn't safe! Sadly, this not how our food industry operates.

Eating 'clean' food (organic) is so important, we go into it in detail in Step 1 of The Gut School - we're I show you why and therefore how to most easily go about this without the headache!

"Lowering your 'toxic load' greatly impacts your gut health."

Pesticide and herbicide sprays, are not only on our fruits and vegetables, but are also in them! That's right, these chemicals do sink into the flesh of food, making it impossible to wash it all off.

Other common ways we ingest these chemicals are via the wheat that makes our bread (the crops have Roundup spray drifting over them) and the cows that are dipped for ticks (these old darlings are producing our milk!)

Sadly, the Australian food industry has many contradictions and in the end, it's about money rather than guarding our long term health.

"I realize this all can be frustrating when we're told to eat more fruits and vegetables - but wouldn't we then be ingesting more pesticides and herbicides?"

Truth is, we're ingesting a dangerously high load of chemicals overall and food makes up a large portion of this toxic load that we consume through our mouth and skin every day.

These chemicals (pesticides and herbicides) are referred to as 'hormone disruptors. They can mimic our thyroid hormone, upsetting the balance, creating chaos in our gut microflora which can go on to fire alarm bells within our immune system. This is a common cause of autoimmune conditions and even depression and other emotional imbalances.

Below is a podcast using Australian research, chatting about why it's so important to eat organic food over non-organic, as much as you possibly can.

(Tip: fast forward to 4 minutes and 30 seconds to get past the intro and onto the important stuff.)

If you'd like personalized help with your gut health and therefore general health, you can visit my website to learn more and/or email me to ask a personal question.

I'm happy to help however I can.

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