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Your Health Maintenance Checklist + Weight Loss Check

Who has time to do everything that we’re supposed to do these days?  It seems we’re always reading about something else we should be doing to stay healthy and I don’t know about you, but for many of us, it can go in one ear and out the other!

So what I’ve done is made up a checklist that you and your family can use, let’s just say as a little reminder of what we all need to be doing (optimally.) You may think ‘holy smoke that’s a long list!’ But bare with me (Also at the end of this post if the weight loss freebie)

You may want to just add in a couple of new things off the list per month over the course of a year, until you’ve got things down pat.  This list is super useful as a maintenance checklist to keep yourself on the right track (at least your not carrying it all around in your head and cluttering our mind.)

I suggest printing this out and just go through it with a pencil marking the ones that you don’t do yet. Don’t worry, they’ll probably be heaps that you don’t do and that’s OK.  At least you know now.

Remember we need to constantly deposit ‘good’ back into our body, so that it can cope with all the things we throw at it from our western lifestyle. 

My Diet

~ I eat fresh oily fish at least 3 times/week ~ I eat large portions of vegetables in relations to the meat on my plate ~ I eat a lot of fibre (plants, flaxseeds, chia seeds) every day to cleanse my body ~ I eat green foods (green leafy veg) with most meals ~ I avoid processed foods and sugar and know about the names of hidden sugars ~ My blood sugar levels are balanced (I don’t get all over the place with my energy) ~ I eat until I’m 80% full and I don’t feel like I over-eat ~ I eat good quality fats (avocado, olive oil, salmon, walnuts, coconut oil, flaxseeds, chia) ~ I eat a variety of foods every day (not just the same day in day out) ~ I eat probiotic rich foods with nearly every meal (don’t if you have thrush/candida) ~ I drink plenty of filtered water through the day (not out of the tap) ~ I avoid foods that I suspect are causing me reactions e.g. gluten, dairy, nightshades, so that I don’t continually create inflammation in my gut.

My Digestion

~I take time to sit and enjoy meals ~ I chew my food well and don’t eat when I’m stressed ~ I focus on my food and the people whom I’m eating with ~ I don’t rush to the next job immediately after eating ~ I don’t eat when I’m upset or angry ~ I don’t drink liquids with my meals ~ I take a digestive enzyme (supplements) with my meal (if appropriate) ~ I feel my digestion is good and I don’t have issues like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, pains in tummy when I eat, excess gas, blood, mucous.

My Sleep

~ I get 8 hours of good sleep every night usually (unless something is off) ~ I take naps when I’m lacking sleep and really value my rest ~ I dim the lights in the evening (to kick start my sleep hormones) ~ I spend time outside every day ~ I sleep in a cool, quiet, dark room with no digital alarm clock ~ I have a general routine during the day with my activity and meals ~ I usually wake up in the morning feeling refreshed

My Exercise

~ I do some form of exercise every day (walk, jog, sport) ~ I avoid sitting for prolonged times during the day ~ If my work is at a computer, I prop it up on books or a high table so I can stand up ~ I do yoga/pilates and meditation regularly ~ I avoid excessive strenuous exercise if I’m already stressed or have adrenal fatigued ~ I allow my body to rest after any strenuous exercise

My Stress

~ I continually work to decrease stress in my life ~ I say no when I need to ~ I ask for help and accept it ~ I am working to increase my resilience to stress (using herbal relaxants e.g. L theanine) ~ I include something fun everyday so I’m not just slogging all year ~ I do an activity for intellectual exercise every day e.g. cross word puzzle ~ I do mindful meditation every day to slow down my busy mind ~ I walk in nature every day ~ I make sure I connect socially every day with people whom I like ~ I don’t shallow breathe or I make sure I focus on my breath and tune into myself

My Medical Health Tests

~ I have been assessed for food intolerance’s and allergies (symptomatic tests) ~ My thyroid levels have been checked that they are within the ‘therapeutic range’ not your doctor’s range and include include all  TSH, T4 and T3) ~ My cortisol levels (stress levels) have been checked ~ I know about adrenal fatigue and have checked this out for myself ~ I have addressed any persistent infections (gut parasites, SIBO, yeast overgrowth) ~ I have been tested for heavy metals if my work environment is risky ~ I have addressed SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) ~ I regularly assess which medications and supplements are necessary and I have a break off my supplements every 3 months for 2 weeks. ~ I have addressed hormonal imbalances (had tests and checked out the symptoms) ~ I avoid toxic house cleaners, paints, personal care products, fluoride in toothpaste, the contraceptive pill, pain medication, antibiotics, garden herbicides e.g. Roundup and other environmentally harmful sprays and powders.


~ I am eating foods rich in vitamins or minerals if I have a diagnosed deficiency ~ I am taking the correct supplements for any specific micro-nutrient deficiency ~ I am taking digestive-support supplements (if needed) ~ I am taking a probiotic supplements every day ~ I change my probiotic supplement strains regularly to increase diversity ~ I am not taking commercial ‘gym’ supplements which have hidden additives and heavy metals ~ I have assessed if I need to take any organ-function support or immune modulating supplements if I’m already on medication to counteract hidden side effects from medication.

Conclusion – And A Note From Me

So by now, you’ll have a good idea of where you’re having wins and where you’re not… we all need to continually fine tune things to keep our health on track.  It may seems a lot!  And it is, but reality is, that if we don’t want to be suffering now and later from degrading health (that our medical system incorrectly labels as ‘aging’) then we need to stay ahead of the ball game.

P.S. I’ll also give you a weight loss checklist – if you’re struggling in this area.  Weight loss is not all about cutting calories and exercising more, there are actually imbalances that you can check for yourself, that may be stopping your weight loss efforts.  Fix these first and life will be much easier (Click Here To Get This Info)

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