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The Female Gut - Vs The Male Gut - You'd be surprised!

Did you know that the female gut is different to the male gut? You may notice that you seem to 'suffer' more from gut issues, fatigue and stress conditions more than you partner? Well you are not imagining it!

A Woman's gut is 10cm longer than a man's. We also have a extra twists and turns and angles to our colon, which is why women experience more bloating and constipation than men.

Women get prescribed more antibiotics because of these differences, and we know these change the female gut flora, which can go onto to cause more gut imbalances e.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which is actually more commonly diagnosed in women.

Our symptoms are worse too, we have more fatigue, depression, anxiety and lower quality of life than men with IBS (Kim YS, 2018.)

Our stomach's empty more slowly and the colon empties more slowly, so you may notice feel 'full' for longer.

Our pelvis is different to allow for a growing uterus, therefore our colon is entwined with the fallopian tubes, bladder and ovaries, unlike for men, they have a narrow pelvis which only shares space with the prostate and bladder. So a women's colon is fighting for more space, we are obviously meant to be like this, but that doesn't change the fact that women's suffer with their health more.

Our hormones are different - Men have 10-20 X more testosterone, which creates a thick strong abdominal wall, acting as a fortress, unlike our softer, loser, more accommodating abdominal walls, which allows us to bulge more (Great!)

In women, the dance of eostrogen and progesterone can affect fluid retention which is commonly noticeable in our belly. That's why we need to eat foods to help with fluid retention and keep our gut working as well as we can! And the more thyroid issues we have, the more this affects the transit time of food in our gut. So as you can see, everything is linked!

That's why I made The Gut Powder for Women AND a different Gut Powder for Men - To target these differences and to target the different ways women and men suffer with their day to day health. It's fascinating stuff but not so fascinating on the receiving end of poor gut health! If you'd like to know more about The Gut Powders, head over to my website here to read all about them --Click or tap here

Please let me know if you have any questions, you can email me:

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