Getting Healthy Starts With

Your Gut !

Meet Johanna 


Hi. I’m Johanna, a fully trained clinical nutritionist and an ATMS accredited practitioner, which I can appreciate means a great deal these days for your peace of mind! 


My passion is women’s health, helping with a broad range of health issues which can be really common for women.


I too, have struggled with my own health in the past, feeling frustrated with conflicting information and stuff that doesn't work. 


If there's one thing I want to tell you - It's that you have some wonderful options just waiting for you around the corner!


Health Help & Recipes


My blog posts are always inspired by chatting to women about their health struggles in consultation!


Women are essentially all the same - however we do have some individual health requirements, that if left untapped, all we feel is frustrated that nothing works!

On a lighter note, I'm always excited to share delicious recipes with you - nothing fancy, just easy and healthy!

Nutritional Health  Consultations


Women's health needs to be treated individually and our health history creates what we are today!


Often we feel unheard, dismissed and misunderstood about our symptoms and we should never settle for this!

In reality, we're complicated and can feel overwhelmed and often too busy to prioritise our own needs.  

So allow me to gently nudge you in the right direction and empower you again! 

Consultations via Townsville Clinic Or remotely via Skype or Zoom 

To book a consultation or ask question, just email me here: 

Clinical Nutritionist

ATMS Accredited Practitioner 

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