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Empowered Natural Health For Women

Welcome to a whole new experience in women's health.  We all tend to need a gut powder, a gut healing diet and support to help heal your gut.  


Are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start with your health? The Gut Powder is a great place to start.

Sometimes, it's all you need, to begin improving you gut and overall health.


The Gut Powder for Men


The Gut Powder for Women

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Meet Johanna

I’m Johanna Anning, a fully trained clinical nutritionist, herbalist in training, and ATMS accredited practitioner.

My passion is women’s health and my mission is to help empower you in your health, feel confident in your body, and be excited about what you can bring to your life and others.

I endeavour to open up your health horizons so that you don't feel like your options are limited. It's amazing just what's out there which can prevent suffering in all areas of our health.


Areas I love to help you with our cycles, hormones, gut health, mental health, unwanted weight and so much more - and feel energized at every stage of your life.

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We need to treat women's health individually and in reality everyone is different and has unique health needs.​

Often we feel unheard, dismissed, and misunderstood about our symptoms and I don't think we should ever settle for this.


In reality, our health is complicated and to feel our best, we need to get the source of our health issues.


So allow me to gently nudge you in the right direction and empower you again! 




Improving your health can be about taking little steps in the right direction...

It breaks my heart when I see so many women suffering with their health, because they've been told nothing is wrong with them or taking medication is their only option.


Our Latest Blogs

After to speaking to so many women about their day to day health, lots of common issues (and solutions) come up in conversation!  In my blogs I keep these issues in mind as I endeavour to give you inspiration and easy solutions to help you feel your best.

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