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Pills, Potions & Ways To Manage Your Stress

You know that woman.  She may be a good friend, family or just someone you know.  She’s smart and insightful and she just seems to get it. 

Whatever is going on for her, she handles it with a kind of grace.  Plus she has high integrity – no greed, puts others first and is totally trustworthy.  To top it all off she’s warm and funny!!

So here’s the thing.  The way you look at that woman?  Someone looks at you the same way.  Many people do.  You are that amazing person who doesn’t know how talented she is.  You are that woman who handles everything, juggles everyone and still has a smile on your face (well most of the time.)

The outside world may see a calm swan gliding on the water, yet they never see how furiously your legs are peddling underneath!

And its this constant ‘peddling’ underneath, which can wear down the ‘seemingly’ strongest woman. 

Certainly in my natural health practice, I witness incredible women who are suffering anxiety big time from their stressful lives and they don’t know where to start to begin to fix it all.  It’s like they don’t have time to pull up and fix it!

Type A personalities (the never-sit-still types) are much more susceptible to stress related health conditions and might I add these conditions are pretty much all the common lifestyle illness we hear about today such as diabetes, stroke, autoimmune conditions and even bad backs!

This is because type A’s rarely stop and make dedicated time for themselves so there’s no emptying of their stress ‘bucket.’ It’s the accumulated stress that’s the killer.  Acting as a rust on the internal organs and mental health and often we don’t realize this until we have a health condition. We tend to think it won’t happen to us!

How the voice of your inner-critic becomes your anxiety!

The internal chatter of your mind can also be a major stress if you’re like most people and have allowed this voice (unknowingly) to develop over the years.  Often we’re so used to our negative self talk, we don’t even know we’re doing it to ourselves.

All women grapple with this voice of self doubt in one way or another. It can prevent us from moving ahead in our professional lives and it can create a huge amount of anxiety in our family and personal lives too. 

First step is to recognise it within yourself. As women, our creative dreams are also very affected.  To make music, to paint, write or to turn that passion into a small business – all these dreams are often smothered with internal doubt of not being good enough!

This leads to a constant and gnawing sense of un-fulfillment, following us through our lives, creating internal stress and general unhappiness. Sadly this becomes our normal.

But what if you could find a way above all that stress!

Like waking yourself up out of one of those groggy dreams, you need to wake up!

And know that there is better way to feel.

And another way to be.

There are things you can do, herbs you can take and even targeted exercises you can do to improve your own mental health.  This in turn improves your physical health too.  We simply can’t have a good life without taking these kind of measures for our self.

Truth is, we need to forget about running to the medicine cabinet every time we are scared by some symptom, and instead devote ourselves to building up our own health naturally and as nature intended us to over time.

Goodness knows, many people aren’t aware of how good they could actually feel (and look) in their day to day lives, because they’re so accustomed to feeling average or worse!

Here’s a simple solution for you to get you started now!

After consulting with so many women feeling sick and tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I have written a simply health plan, which you can download for free and immediately integrate into your own life today. Simply a gift from me to you.

This include some small actions and some very exciting herbs and nutrients that you may not know about, which goes to work on replenishing what your stress has actually ‘leeched’ out of your body over the years.

Here, you’ll automatically be supporting and nourishing your body by doing these things and you’ll feel stronger and kick more goals in no time!  Lordy, I wish I knew about these things about 10 years ago!!

Click here to Get your FREE copy – I really hope you love these things as much as I do!

And please let me know how you go, I can’t wait to hear how you’re feeling in a week or so 🙂

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