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Test Your Thyroid Questionnaire

Thyroid imbalances are so common for women, but often results show that you’re thyroid is normal, when in reality, it’s far from it!

In my private practice, I don’t know how many times a patient tells me that their blood results have gone back to their GP as ‘normal’ for their thyroid, however when we do a more complete test, it shows that their thyroid is very imbalanced and is the cause of other health issues such as weight gain, no energy, depression/anxiety, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep and more!

The reason thyroid imbalances are increasing now, is that it is a very sensitive gland to poor diet, poor digestion, stress and toxins, ALL of which are on the increase for us (unless we take control of it!)

As you know, my mission is to help women do as much as they can to take control of their own health.  Why should we hand our health over to the medical industry, where we know that our long term health is not their end goal, but rather to have us on medication for the rest of our lives is!

My latest program, Empowered Women’s Health (EWH) is the main way I help women to take control of their health.  Here I will give you everything I possibly can (including my daily support) so that you can get health issues balanced and sorted once and for all!

One tool for your health are Questionnaires (like the one below) which a very accurate way for helping you explore (via your symptoms) if you really do have an imbalance that blood tests just didn’t pick up.

Misdiagnosis of the thyroid is extremely common, because our national blood result ranges are very broad and you have to be very out of balance for it to be picked up by blood work.

You don’t want to wait until things get out of hand, after all the thyroid is ‘The Governor’ of the body! Prevention is where it’s at.

Your Thyroid Questionnaire

I love this questionnaire below. It gets to the heart of whether you should be properly tested for thyroid dis-regulation, even if your GP or doctor has dismissed your concerns (common!)

Once we know if thyroid ‘could’ be a hidden issue for you, we can then do the proper testing and then work to balance it through an easy holistic program.

So go ahead and answer the questions for yourself.

If the question addresses a concern that applies to you, record the number. When done, total the numbers.

1. Do you experience fatigue (4)? 2. Is your cholesterol elevated (4)? 3. Do you have difficulty losing weight (2)? 4. Do you have cold hands and feet (2)? 5. Are you sensitive to cold (2)? 6. Do you have difficulty thinking (2)? 7. Do you find it hard to concentrate (2)? 8. Do you have poor short-term memory (2)? 9. Are your moods depressed (2)? 10. Are you experiencing hair loss (2)? 11. Do you have fewer that one BM per day (2)? 12. Do you have dry skin (2)? 13. Do you have itchy skin in winter (1)? 14. Do you have fluid retention (2)? 15. Do you have recurrent headaches (1)? 16. Do you sleep restlessly (1)? 17. Do you experience afternoon fatigue (2)? 18. Are you tired when you awaken (2)? 19. Do you experience tingling in hands or feet (2)? 20. Have you had infertility or miscarriages (2)? 21. Do you have decreased sweating (2)? 22. Do you have muscle aches (2)? 23. Have you had recurrent infections (2)? 24. Do you have joint pain (2)? 25. Do you have thinning of your eyebrows or eyelashes (2)?

Score < 11? You are unlikely to have a thyroid problem. Score 11-30? Low thyroid function is a possibility. Score >30? Low thyroid function is probable. Get tested if your score is > 11, including a free T3 and TSH.

Get More Help Below

–> If you’d like more help with your results from the above, or have any other questions, you can email me: (and don’t forget to subscribe to –> Empowered Women’s Health also, for life long help with your health!)

Or if you know someone who this may help, just share this post with them.  It could be just what they’re looking for to feel better 🙂

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