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Why Is My Weight Increasing As I Get Older?

Why am I gaining more weight when I feel like I’m not really eating more?  Why is it harder to lose my weight?

With the chronic rise of weight gain and obesity at present, logic would tell us that something is very wrong with our current system. Personally, the scariest site is seeing so many overweight children out there!

Some Recent Statistics In Case You’re Wondering

Research shows, more than half of the adult population has a body weight that poses serious health risks. More than 60% of Australian adults are obese and almost 10% are severely obese. At least a quarter of Australian children and adolescents are obese or overweight.”


“Around 70% of obese adults will get heart disease, stroke, musculoskeletal diseases, hypertension, type 2 diabetes.”

Why Is This Happening Now?

There’s a number of reasons (too many to address in one post) however 1 major reason is the scary disconnect in our health information. Meaning we’re not getting the correct health advice for the betterment of ‘us,’ rather our ‘health advice’ is coming from the processed food industry.  They spend and are able to spend big dollars to get their message out to the masses!

Shockingly, these massive food companies such as Nestle, Cadbury’s, Heinz etc. are actually ‘sponsoring’ health research and manipulating the results for their benefit. The research ‘results’ are then ‘quoted’ as ‘scientific research’ by our government food ‘advisors’ and this eventually gets filtered down to our schools and the rest of the population too.

Say What? The Processed Food Industry Is Educating Us On Health?

Yes! And this is how the wrong ‘messaging’ about what we should eat, is creating the obesity and other diet related health problems so many of us have today. And…we are none the wiser.

The processed food industry has a ridiculous amount of reach due to the billions of profit they make while keeping us addicted to their foods, by using sugar and additives.  This essentially keeps us wanting more, more and more.

How many times have you started to eat a packet of biscuits, chips, or other processed savory or sweet ‘delights’ and you just can’t put them down? And how often have you eaten a whole bag of avocados?  It’s just not possible right!  It’s all about the  type of food, not the quantity of food, that’s causing problems overweight.

What Do They Use In Our Food To Get Us Addicted?

Look at MSG for example, you may just think it’s a Chinese food thing, however did you know that there’s about 200 different ‘names’ for MSG (just google it) and it’s all through our processed food (typical supermarket processed food.)

MSG works on us as a ‘excitotoxin,’ which means it amps up and stimulates sensory nerves – in an enhanced, tastier way. Even processed health foods such as frozen veggie dishes, burgers, turkey sausages, textured or hydrolyzed proteins and processed protein powders all contain it.  Not just the obvious takeaways.

“These days, food manufacturers wouldn’t survive the competition, if they didn’t look for additives to make the taste of their food addictive.”

So What’s The Answer To All Of This?

Well, to lose weight or fight obesity, no longer does ‘eat less calories and exercise more’ apply like our dieticians and doctors have us believe.  This is the message the food industry loves, because it means people can eat their food still.  But they can’t ever, it’s bad addictive food that if you have some, you’ll want more of it. You can’t just have a little bit or heroine!

The true answer to weight loss lies in focusing on WHAT food you should eat, not how much. This is great news!

Research Study: Done recently (and not sponsored by a junk food company) where they looked at a low fat restricted diet (less food and low fat) and compared this with a group of people who went on a high healthy fat, low sugar diet.

The Outcome: Those who were on the high fat, low sugar diet lost the most weight AND their health improved.  They also had less cholesterol, less inflammation and other symptoms of poor health.

The upshot: We don’t need to live a life of lack, we just need to live a life of quality.  Quality whole foods and sidestep all processed foods.  It’s cheaper too.

So How Do YOU Apply This To Your Own Life?

If you’re interested in knowing ‘how’ to actually do all of this (delete your cravings and certain food addictions and getting yourself to your healthy weight and having energy, better sleep and feeling mentally strong too)  then this is what you need to do.

I’ve designed a system to try and reverse some of this damage.  Join me in my step-by-step program and women’s health hub called Empowered Women’s Health (EWH.)  Opening soon.

I’ll walk you through ‘how’ to get yourself to a great place, so you don’t have to do it alone.  The key is to act now and do this for yourself, because if you don’t do anything about your health now, how will it be in 5 years time?

And if you know someone who you think this may help, please share this post with them.  You just may ‘make their life!’ And leave a comment below 🙂

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