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A Quick Tool To Stop Procrastinating

We all know what we should be doing, but we don’t necessarily do it right?  We know that we should eat right, exercise more, go to bed earlier, or get more ‘me’ time, but even though these are just little things (they’re not mammoth tasks) we often lack the motivation to do the little things!

And that’s why motivation does not work!  Instead, we need a little tool to press ‘go’ on, when we have to get our backsides into action.  They use this tool in the special armed forces, but we can use it in our day to day lives easily!  It’s called the 5 second rule… and it’s so effective and takes all the stressful procrastination and stalling away!

I found this great interview on this very topic, this lady is very real!!  Love the concept of the 5 second rule, and thought you might find it comes in handy if you feel like you’re procrastinating in any area of your life.  You could pass this on to the entire family too 😉

If you’d like more great inspirational help like this to keep your life ‘next level’, join me inside Empowered Women’s Health, where we work on this kind of stuff any time you’d like! ** P.S. The special opening price for EWH ends this Sunday! 

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