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Is your body betraying you?

We are all born with intuitive knowledge of our own health, but this intuition tends to shut down in mid life (or before) by our culture. So many of us feel that our bodies are betraying us!

“I can’t trust my body, it’s turning on me!”  In actual fact –  your body is doing everything it can do to get your attention!

It’s our soul (or our internal self) that’s running the show.  What has been ‘downloaded’ into your mind over the years?

When we wake up and say “why do I have so many heath issues” or “why do I have a fibroid on the right side of my uterus” (remember, right side is our masculine side, and this can be from women over striving in this area.)

Before I studied holistic health and nutrition and before I started working with patients on their own health, I used to wonder if our mind and body really are connected?  Not only is it true, the body is actually a direct link to our soul!  This knowledge has been around since the beginning of time, it’s just that it’s been buried by modern industry.

We can get treatment however we want from a doctor, that’s our choice.  BUT! If we do not look for the larger  lesson (our body’s intuition) then we’ll be missing the wisdom all of that wisdom.

And remember, this has zero to do with being to blame for our illness.  This comes from a cultural belief that if something bad happens, we did something wrong.  That is no true.  To blame ourselves is not a sure way to feel peace within ourselves and this is a form of internal stress.

Sometimes the only way our soul can get our attention is through our bodies.  Through an illness.  It happens for a specific reason.  Some patients say ‘thank god I had cancer!  It saved my life!’  Because in life, we tend to need huge ‘wake up calls’ to kick us into action and start addressing our health!

“Our body is a container for ‘soul’ lessons” 

When you approach your body this way, it’s a game changer.  You’re no longer  victimized.  You sit in the pain of whatever you’re feeling and you say, ‘Ok, I don’t know what this is about now but I’m going to listen.  I’m going to stick with this and listen.  And I trust that ‘afterwards’ I’ll know what it was about.” 

Generally, we never know what something’s about until it’s over.  It’s like life has to be lived in the moment and we can’t see, and we only know what the meaning is retrospectively (or when it’s in the past.)

“You can almost hear your soul and inner health ‘clapping’ when you get this message!” 

What I also want you to know is that YOU have knowledge of YOUR Body.  And a health professional has a ‘body of knowledge.’  When you’re giving all you power away to a doctor (or someone else) and you’re not told what’s going on, you are giving your power away to ‘a system.’

And in order to be healthy, you need keep your power by becoming an active participant in the process.   Ask questions, don’t just believe one side of the story (when there are others out there who can help you see the whole side.)

Our doctors do a wonderful job – but there are big limits on what advice they can give you.  They are trained in medicine.  They are not trained in nutrition, lifestyle changes and holistic health, and at this stage we can’t expect them to, until the medical system overhauls it’s education for their med students to also incorporate these things.

If you’re experiencing health issues AND you’re seeing a doctor and getting treatment, you MUST also treat yourself naturally, in conjunction with the treatment. 

This is why it’s called ‘complimentary medicine.’ I urge you not just to put all of you eggs in one basket and put your health and life into the hand’s of ‘the system.’  You need to do some work yourself.

Too many times, I have heard doctors advice patients that ‘diet’ will not make an ounce of difference to digestive dis-eases such as Ulcerative Colitis, Chrohn’s Disease or hormonal dis-eases like Hashimoto's!

And too many times, my clients have told me that their doctor said that when they complained of feeling tired, anxious and overweight, their doctor’s only comment is that this is just part of getting old!!

This is utter nonsense and the ruination of people’s own power.  This kind of advice dis-empowers people to make any improvement in their lives.  We need to re-learn what we already new from birth.  And that is that WE can heal our bodies!

We can get ourselves back into balance by one of the most powerful combination medicines there are – FOOD & LIFESTYLE (and particularly improving our stress response.)

If you need a little medication to see you over the major bumps, then that’s OK… But do not let this be your only solution to your health.

If you’d like more solutions to your health, join me inside Empowered Women’s Health, where I take you through steps to heal and balance all the systems in your body.  Get your free trial and see for yourself how I can help you.

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